Xtra-Dip Adaptor™

All RJB Dip Cups and PowrDippers™ use the same unique, patented Dip Cup design which is designed to minimize teat dip consumption. The shape and size of RJB Dip Cups are engineered so that a teat will completely fill the cup, causing the teat dip to be pushed up and around the teat. This ‘displacement’ of teat dip is the reason why it only takes 4-5 ml of teat dip to completely cover all four teats.

However, some teats are just larger than others. The Xtra-Dip™ Adaptor is a device that can be snapped onto a standard RJB Dip Cup, adding an extra ½ inch (1.25cm) of depth and more than doubling the capacity of the dip cup to accommodate larger teated cows. It can be easily added to any RJB Dip Cup or PowrDipper™


The unique, patented SplashGard™ is available as a spare part. It acts as a reservoir for surplus teat dip which is displaced during the dipping process, thus preventing it from spilling out. When the teat is inserted into the cup, it will displace the teat dip within the cup and push it up and around the teat, thus covering the entire teat from the tip to the base. Surplus teat dip is pushed up into the SplashGard™ chamber to avoid spillage and wastage.

This displacement of the teat dip is the reason it only takes 4 – 5ml of dip to cover all four teats.

The SplashGard™ also helps avoid spillages when the dip cup is being moved from teat to teat or from cow to cow.


FoamerDipper Spare Bottle – Printed


SideDipper Spare Bottle – Printed


TopDipper Spare Bottle – Printed

RDC/105 | Old Part No. 10-30710


Colour: Clear

RDC/200 | Old Part No. 10-60800

Xtra-Dip Adaptor™

Colour: Clear

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