Quarter Milk Isolator

The QMI™ Quarter Milk Isolator is designed to isolate the milk of one quarter from the other three during milking. It is a useful device for managing milk quality, in cases where elevated somatic cell counts (SCC) are observed in one quarter. Isolating the milk from the high SCC quarter by using the Quarter Milk Isolator, can significantly lower the SCC in the bulk milk tank which can help yield higher milk premiums.

  • Large 2 US gallon (7.5L) capacity
  • Large 4″ (10cm) opening for ease of emptying and cleaning
  • Heavy duty stainless steel bail hold lid in place
  • 90 degree elbow allows easy connection of liner/inflation and facilitates good liner/inflation presentation for milk clean out
  • Large bore, flexible silicone rubber hoses make connection and manipulation easy
  • Old Part Number
  • 10-35000
  • New Part Number
  • RQM/001
  • Description
  • QMI™ Quarter Milk Isolator Complete
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