New, improved Teat Sanitization Pump for the RJB range

Ambic has added a new, improved Teat Dip Pump to the RJB range. Branded PowrPump™ it is compatible with all RJB PowrDipper™ and PowrSprayer™ systems as well as offering a reliable retro-fit pump unit which is suitable for fitting to other brands of electric teat spray and teat dip systems.

The new pump unit comes in an all plastic enclosure which houses the pump unit and re-designed pressure switch assembly. The new pressure switch assembly comprises an electrical switch and specially designed servo type buffer unit which  protects and prolongs the operating life of the electrical  switch – a known point of weakness for many other brands of teat pump systems  on the market.

The pump unit is available in 115V or 230V versions and is supplied with an integral intake filter to protect the pump from dirt and debris.


  • All plastic enclosure for safety
  • Choice of 115V or 230V versions
  • Includes 6ft/ 2M of electric cable
  • Choice of US, UK or EU plugs
  • Fittings for connection to 3/8” OD, ¼” ID flexible pipe for chemical intake and chemical delivery lines

CE compliant

  • Part Number
  • RPP/2000115
  • RPP/2000230
  • RPP/2000230E
  • RPP/2001115
  • RPP/2001230
  • RPP/013115
  • RPP/013230
  • RPP/412
  • RPP/419
  • Description
  • PowrPump™ Complete 115V US Plug
  • PowrPump™ Complete 230V UK Plug
  • PowrPump™ Complete 230V Euro Plug
  • PowrPump™ Replacement Pump 115V
  • PowrPump™ Replacement Pump 230V
  • PowrPump™ Replacement Pressure Switch and Damper Assembly 115V
  • PowrPump™ Replacement Pressure Switch and Damper Assembly 230V
  • PowrPump™ Intake Filter & Tubing
  • PowrPump™ Intake Filter Only Pack of 2
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