Designed for ease of application

RJB dip cups were designed with ergonomics in mind – the low profile cup and soft-squeeze bottle become a natural extension of your hand for the purpose of applying teat dip. Apply gentle pressure to squeeze the bottle and dispense enough teat dip into the cup to fill it approximately 1/3 full. This equates to approximately 4 – 5ml of teat dip; that’s all that you need to achieve good teat coverage of all four teats because of the unique patented design of RJB dip cups.

Bring the SideDipper™ in from the side of the udder and raise it to insert the teat into the cup. Push the cup all the way up to the base of the udder. When the teat is inserted into the cup, it will displace the teat dip within the cup and push it up and around the teat, thus covering the entire teat from the tip to the base. Surplus teat dip is pushed up into the SplashGard™ chamber to avoid spillage and wastage.

The unique, patented SplashGard™ serves as a reservoir to hold surplus teat dip which is displaced during the dipping process thus preventing the dip cup from overflowing or spilling, and minimizing teat dip wastage.

For larger teated cows the capacity of RJB dip cups can be increased by adding the RJB Xtra-Dip™ Adaptor

Available in a range of colours for pre- and post- dipping applications.

Convenient integral belt hook.

  • Old Part Number
  • 10-3000
  • 10-30010
  • 10-30020
  • 10-30030
  • 10-30040
  • New Part Number
  • RDC/160
  • RDC/160-C
  • RDC/160-G
  • RDC/160-Y
  • RDC/160-R
  • RDC/101-S
  • Description
  • SideDipper™
  • SideDipper™
  • SideDipper™
  • SideDipper™
  • SideDipper™
  • SideDipper™ Spare Bottle – Printed
  • Colour
  • Blue
  • Clear
  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

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