Combining the Speed of Teat Spraying with the Coverage of Teat Dipping

The unique and patented PowrDipper™ principle was developed by RJB. This principle is based on the concept of an inverted conical shape cup which holds teat dip ready for dipping and retains it in a horizontal plane to avoid spillage.

PowrDipper™ guns are positioned conveniently in the milking parlour for ease of access and have an ergonomic, pistol style, handle and easy-squeeze trigger which make dispensing of teat dip quick and easy. When the teat is inserted into the cup, it will displace the teat dip within the cup and push it up and around the teat, thus covering the entire teat from the tip to the base. Surplus teat dip is pushed up into the SplashGard™ chamber to avoid spillage and wastage. This Displacement of the teat dip is the reason it only take 4-5ml of dip to cover all four teats.

Extension kits include a coiled hose with fittings, PowrDipper™ Gun and cable ties.

PowrDipper™ guns are available with either a 6 1/2″ (16.5cm) or 10″ (25cm) lance.

Extension Kits and Guns

  • Old Part Number
  • 10-50000
  • 10-50001
  • 10-50100
  • 10-50101
  • New Part Number
  • RPD/TL014
  • RPD/TLE014
  • RPD/TL4004
  • RPD/TLE4004
  • Description
  • PowrDipper™ Extension Kit
  • PowrDipper™ Extension Kit
  • PowrDipper™ Gun
  • PowrDipper™ Gun
  • Lance Size
  • 6 1/2″ (16.5cm)
  • 10″ (25cm)
  • 6 1/2″ (16.5cm)
  • 10″ (25cm)
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