Ambic is Published in The Parliamentary Review

Ambic was invited to contribute an article to the Agriculture edition of the prestigious Parliamentary Review which was published in December. The publication aims to showcase best practice as a learning tool to the public and private sector and is aimed in particular at leading policymakers and executives in the agriculture area.

Ambic adds Quarter Milk Isolator to its range – QMI

Ambic has introduced a new Quarter Milk Isolator to its product range. It is designed to isolate the milk of one quarter from the other three during milking. It is a particularly useful device for managing milk quality in cases where elevated somatic cell counts (SCC) are observed in one quarter.

Ambic Acquires a New Product Line

Ambic secured an exclusive licence in December 2013 for the manufacture and distribution of the product line of US business RJ Boudreau Inc., based in Modesto, California.