Fast Efficient Teat Dip Application

The Portable PowrDipper™ is a portable version of the PowrDipper™ system which is deigned to be worn by the milker and is ideal for stanchion barn installations. The Portable PowrDipper™ includes a 1 litre stainless steel container which holds enough teat dip tp dip up to about 200 cows. It is pressurised prior to use so that teat dip is automatically dispensed into the PowrDipper™ applicator simply by squeezing the trigger of the PowrDipper™ gun. The system has a convenient integral belt hook which enables the milker to carry the system around with him as he is milking.

The Portable PowrDipper™ system is based on the same unique and patented PowrDipper™ principle developed by RJB for conventional PowrDipper™ systems which hold teat dip ready for dipping by the milker and retains it in a horizontal plane to avoid spillage. The RJB principle means you only need 4-5ml of teat dip to achieve good coverage of all four teats. Surplus teat dip is pushed up into a special SplashGuard™ chamber to avoid spillage and wastage.

  • Old Part Number
  • 10-55000
  • New Part Number
  • RPD/600
  • Description
  • Portable PowrDipper™ Complete
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